At The Marketing Launchpad, we strongly believe in this important fact: If you want to improve something, you have to measure it, and Google Analytics will help you do just that. This free online tool will give you detailed metrics and insights about such important information as the traffic coming to your website, visitor behavior, and a lot more. Using Google Analytics, you can have a clear picture of the kind of information your business needs to boost traffic, leads and sales. Let’s take a look a look at a few of the reasons you should be using Google Analytics.

Powerful InsightsGoogle Analytics is Free

Sure, Google Analytics does a great job when it comes to measuring the number of people who visited your website – but it can also do a whole lot more. For example, it gives you powerful insights on your visitors’ behavior including such details as:

  • Where they came from: This will help you deply your resources where they will do the most good.
  • Which pages they spend the most time on: Clarifies your picture of what your customers want so you can adjust your approach to give them more of it.
  • Which pages convert the most: Forget the gurus. Your customers are giving you a first-hand look at which of your strategies are working best.
  • Which part of the world they live in: If you have a store in Columbus, but all your traffic is coming from Bangladesh – Stop! You need a new strategy.

Those are just a few of Google Analytics’ helpful guides. There are a whole lot more!

Every market segment is different when it comes to behavior and preferences; however, powerful insights like these make it easy to understand those behaviors and requirements. Take advantage of them and you’ll soon be giving your target audience exactly what it needs.

Google analytics is FREE!

Free? Yes, it is … and, although that might be hard to believe, it’s true. The good folks at Google have gifted us with access to one of their most powerful tools for free. All you need to start using this amazing tool is a Google ID. That, too, is relatively easy to set up and use, so you’ll save a lot of time and money. You can start using that money elsewhere – on things like additional team members whose efforts can be dedicated to digital marketing activities.

Custom Reports

With Google Analytics, you have access to powerful reports that can be customized to meet your specific requirements. And it’s easy too. Thanks to the app’s simple drag and drop interface, you can design reports that look exactly like you want them to and use those reports to gather the specific information you need. You can also add a number of different dimensions and metrics in a single report.

Even better, you have the option of publishing your reports periodically via email. This approach can save you a lot of time by making it easy to share important information across your entire team.

And a lot more!

Google Analytics offers users so much more, too. For instance, using segmentation analysis enables you to exclude specific traffic from your own computer – or from a selected group of computers, focus on traffic from a specific region, etc. Lots of great add ons can make your implementation, configuration and monitoring a lot easier.

Understanding your customers’ needs and giving them what they want is crucial for any website. Google Analytics helps make it easy for today’s small businesses to do just that by delivering powerful stats and insights – all for free.

Which of these benefits do you think offer your business the most help? Do you have any other questions about Google Analytics? We’d love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.