The Small Business Marketing Launchpad

The Small Business Marketing Launchpad

Learn how to Successfully Design & Implement your own Marketing System

Learn how to Install a Proven Marketing System That Will Help You Gain More Customers for Your Business Right Away

The Small Business Marketing Launchpad is designed to excel where most online courses would fail.

We’ve created great content and combined it with an action plan and software that enables you to implement what you learn immediately. You’ll also have access to an accountability partner – someone by your side, doing the course and taking on challenges with you.

Learn and Implement in the same tool – An innovation in the world of Online Marketing Training.

You’ll learn about SEO and why you need it. Then our tool will show you the exact process to increase your search rankings in real time. You can learn and implement right away.

You’ll also receive automated reports to show you how quickly you’re progressing.

Marketing Doesn’t have to be Difficult

If you don’t have any real experience or formal training in marketing, it’s normal to believe that marketing is hard or too complicated for you to implement properly. But the good news is, none of that is true. Maybe you’ve already tried a few other courses but still haven’t made any progress – don’t worry, this time, things will be different.

Along with an innovative tool that will help you implement what you learn and track the changes in real time, you will also have access to a community of business owners, coaches and marketers all determined to help each other, to help you meet your objectives.

We’re part of a community that’s been helping business owners like yourself design and implement a successful marketing systems for over 20 years. In this time, our marketing system has been employed by just about every industry imaginable.

Here’s what you get when you join The Small Business Marketing Launchpad Coaching Program:

1) Instant Access to The Small Business Marketing Launchpad Course:

Over 90 easy to digest, bite sized lessons set segmented in the order you need to build your marketing system.
Also included in the course are over 50 downloadable PDF worksheets.

2) Powerful Task Flow Engine:

An innovation that uses software to help improve your learning efficiency. Our unique software tool will be with you on every task you complete, providing you with detailed reports of your progress.

It will also help you manage, automate and track your marketing projects and provide you with monthly reports so you can track your growth.

3) Accountability Pairing:

Accountability enables us to do and achieve things we never thought possible. Which is why this program gives you the option of being matched with another student to help hold you accountable.

Our students are screened based on several factors like location, business size and even industry and matched accordingly. It’s possible that this feature alone will help you get more out of this course than any you may have joined before.

4) Monthly Live Training Session:

You will also have access to a Live Monthly Training session where industry experts will dig deep into important topics to help broaden your understanding of marketing.

These sessions will also allow you to stay on top of new upcoming trends in marketing and stay on top of them.

5) Private Facebook Group:

This program also gives you access to a private facebook group of business owners like yourself facing the same challenges as you. You’ll also find our Marketing Consultants in the community ready and eager to help you in case you get stuck.

6) Access to Our Private Toolbox:

We’ve tried, tested and hand picked the best go-to resources, apps and software to help you get more productive and reach your goals sooner.

7) Ability to Request Coaching:

Once you enroll to the program, you will have the option to request one-time coaching sessions or you can even choose to get paired with our Marketing Consultant to either act as an occasional resource helping you out when necessary or a one on one dedicated guide helping you along every step of the way.

8) Connection and Accountability:

The Small Business Marketing Launchpad will probably be the last marketing program you ever have to buy. Everything you need to succeed is integrated into this program, we’ll make sure you see measurable results. We’re with you every step of the way for as long as you like. Just click the help button you’ll find on every single page of the program.

Three levels to help you grow the way that works best for you

The Small Business Marketing Launchpad program was designed to fit any Small or Medium business. No matter what you budget, business maturity, needs and goals are.

Level One – Self Paced

This plan gives you access to the entire course, workflow engine, monthly webinars, accountability partner option, Facebook Group and automated reporting as well.

Level Two – Course with Coaching

Along with everything included in the above Self Paced level, you will also be assigned a certified Marketing Consultant to you for a personalized on-boarding session, weekly open “office hours” call in for any questions you may have and unlimited email support.

Level Three – Course with Dedicated Guide

Along with everything included in the Self Paced level, you will also be assigned a certified Marketing Consultant to your business. Our Marketing Consultant will conduct two one-on-one meetings with you per month to answer your questions, provide coaching, feedback and help guide you through the system.

Each level is designed to fit into any budget and level of commitment.

Who is this program for?

Let’s get one thing out of the way – this is not a magic pill, quick fix, get rich overnight type of thing. If that is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the wrong place. Being effective in marketing will take work for sure but real marketing success takes focus and team of committed people to help you stay focused.

Some businesses that have successfully installed our marketing system with stunning results are programmers, software companies, remodeling contractors, real estate agents, accountants, trainers, attorneys, manufacturers, plumbers, retail stores, consultants, accountants, coaches, banks, doctors, dentists, insurance agencies and many more.

How much does the program cost?

Here’s what some current customers are saying:

“I like this program a lot–it feels like I’m doing some crucial strategic planning, and not ‘just’ a marketing program. The lessons and worksheets in the course are high quality and exceptionally helpful. They are short, simple and easy to use.” – Deb Spencer, Executive Director at Sister India, Oklahoma, USA

“I think that John’s knowledge is awesome and he is able to separate the important stuff from the fluff.  There are many courses out there but most of them are a waste of time and money as they mislead you as the course providers simply don’t understand the area. I also like the practical nature of the DTM course.” – Sean Simon