7 Steps To Small Business Marketing Success

Join us and discover the 7 Proven Steps you need to achieve Marketing Success for your Small Business

This is a small group, interactive, hands-on educational event focused on helping you take immediate action and get actual results instead of simply providing ideas and information.

Event Dates: Feb 22nd and 23rd from 9AM to 1PM

Marketing, unlike popular belief, is not a complex, creative, expensive and mysterious process reserved for the most qualified professionals. Marketing is a System – potentially the most important system in your business.

Marketing is all about getting your potential customers to know, like and trust your business.

Join us at the Powell Marketing Launchpad 2017 to learn the 7 core steps that make up the simple and affordable yet incredibly effective marketing system that you can implement immediately to help your business grow in a consistent and predictable manner.

Topics we will cover:

Step 1: Strategy Before Tactics

Small businesses always want to grab the idea of the week. And small business owners are absolutely the worst at this because they’re doing a hundred things.

The thing is, if a business owner gets the strategy part right in marketing, he or she can surround it with just about any set of tactics that are performed and measured consistently. That’s how important strategy is to a small business.

Step 2: The Marketing Hourglass

Most marketers are familiar with the concept of the Marketing Funnel: a whole bunch of leads are loaded into the top of a funnel, and they’re choked until a few buyers squeeze out the small end. But what good are leads if they aren’t converted into sales, repeat business and referrals?

When it comes to lead referral generation, the customer experience is it. The marketing hourglass suggests that there’s a logical progression through which every customer comes to know, like, and trust a company. Once that occurs, the customer then decides to try, buy, repeat, and refer.

Step 3: Publish Educational Content

By now small business owners are tired of hearing the phrase, “Content is King.” As true as it may be, today’s prospects instinctively gravitate to search engines to answer all their burning questions. Your content and publishing efforts must be focused on achieving two things: building trust and educating.

These two categories of content strategy must be delivered through the creation of very specific forms of content, not simply through sheer volume. Every business is now a publishing business, so you must start to think like one.

Step 4: Create a Total Web Presence

If you are still looking at marketing efforts in a linear way – with online tactics falling somewhere in line – it’s essential that you change this view entirely. Today’s business owner must build a marketing strategy with the online engagement at the center. Only then can the small business create the strong foundation that will carry the company’s marketing efforts into the next decade.

Step 6: Make Selling a System

Oftentimes, the quickest way to make an impact on an organization’s marketing results is to go to work on the lead conversion or sales process. The lack of any semblance of a systematic approach to selling is the biggest weakness for most small businesses.

Installing a sales system, one that everyone in the organization who is involved in selling operates, is the fastest way to improve overall marketing results.

Step 7: Living by the Calendar

It’s tough to get around to marketing. We get it. You didn’t start your business because you were dying to get your hands dirty with blogging, copywriting, and selling. But you soon found out that your business would die if you did not. So, what to do?

The secret to getting marketing done is to make it a habit. Or, if we may roughly paraphrase Aristotle – “We are what we repeatedly do.” Marketing, then is not an act, but a habit.

Meet your instructor:

Bill KonvesAfter 18+ years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, 12 of which were in executive marketing roles, I struck out on my own buying businesses and executing successful rebranding, turnaround and growth strategies. As a certified marketing consultant, my passion for increasing profitability, efficiency, margins and customer through the use of marketing systems is the driving force behind everything I do with my clients satisfaction.

During my corporate career, I was a key influencer in revenue growth at retail and financial services companies including GE Money, Victoria’s Secret, Old Navy, Pep Boys, Gap, Banana Republic, Alliance Data Systems, Wachovia Bank and Kohl’s. I progressed from Market Analyst to Marketing Director and VP of Client Strategy and Marketing. My personal business ventures have ranged from retail and food services to construction and real estate.

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