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Bill Konves created the Marketing Launchpad. A passionate marketing expert, business coach, and entrepreneur who brings over 18 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies. After which Bill set out on his own buying small businesses and executing successful rebranding, turnaround and growth strategies transforming one business after another.

“As a former corporate executive and now a self-made entrepreneur, I completely understand where you’re coming from. I can relate to the struggles of owning your own business and the need for developing a marketing plan of action that works.”

– Bill Konves

Most marketing advice these days is hopelessly outdated, generic, expensive, time-consuming and leaves most small business owners confused. The Marketing Launchpad aims to demystify marketing for Small Businesses and give business owners the knowledge and tools they must leverage the power of effective marketing.

With The Marketing Launchpad, you get years of ever-evolving marketing experience at your disposal. Your business will have access to a proven marketing process implemented successfully with Small Businesses time and time again.

Thanks to these efficient systems and our deep, hands-on experience, The Marketing Launchpad can implement a marketing system for you that is simple, actionable, easy to monitor and gives you predictable results.

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