Competition Keyword Analysis for

Pixis Software



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1st Page Keywords: Count of Organic Keywords the page has on the first page of Google/ Bing/ Yahoo

Avg Pos: The average position of all its first page keywords

Pos Trend: Indicates this page’s SEO performance

Est Traffic: The estimated traffic this page receives from all of its organic keywords

Traffic Value: The estimated paid search cost this page run PPC campaign using all of its first page organic keywords

Organic Keywords


Ads: Number of Ads

KEI: Keyword efectiveness index. The higher the number is the greater chance that the keyword is a profitable one for the advertiser.

Average Search Volume: The approximate average monthly number of search queries matching your keywords that were performed on Google and the search network

Average Position: the average position for this keyword

Days Seen: The number of days between the first and last seen date

Organic Keywords


AEI: Ads effectiveness index. The same concept as KEI but it’s for the ad copy

Destination URL: Landing Page

Group that triggers the Ad: Keywords that trigger this ad

Organic Keywords