In a digital era where more consumers are leveraging the Internet to research information, find local businesses, and make purchases, it is a must that you position your brick and mortar brand to be found online by your target audience.

Yet, with so many pieces to digital marketing, it can seem overwhelming trying to figure out where to start in growing awareness for your brand. Although there are many ways to promote your company, we’ve shared four successful, yet simple, steps that can help better your digital marketing and get in front of your market.

#1 Be Clear on Your Goals and Target Audience

The first step to improving your marketing online is to ensure that you have a clear objective of what you aim to achieve. Do you want to optimize your website to rank on the first page of Google? Are you looking to generate quality leads? Or perhaps you want to better your online sales. All of these are legitimate goals yet it’s important to establish them so your marketing is indeed intentional and purposeful.

Knowing your target audience is a crucial ingredient to creating content that appeals to this audience. The best way to gain this clarity is by developing buyer personas. In this process, you’ll paint a picture of what your ideal customer looks like which will serve as a guide in your entire digital marketing strategy.

#2 Have a Business Blog

Your business blog will position you as an authority and expert in your niche. It also bolsters your presence in the search engines. In fact, companies who blog regularly have 434% more indexed pages than companies who do not (Source: Search Engine Land). Also, 71% of business bloggers say their blog increased visibility in their industries.

The benefits to blogging are multifold in that it boosts brand awareness, attracts quality visitors to your website, and is a winning tool for lead generation and sales. Your blog will be a huge asset to small business marketing. Use an editorial calendar to help you organize, plan, and schedule your content to remain consistent online.

#3 Grow Your Presence on Social Media

Consumers are looking to engage with their favorite brands online. A recent study shows that a third of millenials state that social media is indeed their preferred channel for communicating with businesses (Source: Business2Community). If you’re not actively present on social media, you’re missing out big!

Focus on 1-2 social media platforms in the beginning to establish a cadence then ramp up from there. Since Facebook is the #1 social media platform, definitely start there. Here are a few tips to getting started on this site:

  • Create your Facebook Business (Fan) Page
  • Host contests to boost engagement. They’re easy to initiate and a great way to generate buzz around your name. Giveaway prizes that your audience would be interested in winning
  • Share content that resonates with your audience. Blog content is perfect on Facebook
  • Visual content ROCKS on social media. Leverage videos, high-quality images, GIFS, and infographics to get your audience involved in your brand
  • Facebook Live is a compelling way to capture your followers attention. Use this live-streaming platform to demonstrate products, take your audience backstage at an event, or report breaking news

#4 Focus on Building Your List

Growing your email list is the lifeline to your business. Leads, with proper nurturing tactics, convert into sales over time. The more quality leads you’re working with, the more opportunities to increase revenue.

Use tools like landing pages and webforms to capture website visitors contact information for your email list. The key is to have a compelling lead magnet such as an eBook, eGuide, video series, or checklist that entices your reader to opt-in.


These four steps will give you a great start in your small business marketing. Implement them in your online strategy, test your results and discover what resonates with your audience best!

Much success.