I spent 15 years in corporate America as a Microsoft Office power user and then continued this love of (and comfort with) Microsoft many years into entrepreneurship. It took a long time to get there, but the more I talked with other entrepreneurs, the more I discovered that G Suite was theire product of choice when compared to Microsoft Office. I dipped my toe in the water a year ago and – fast forward to today – I now maintain all my records in Google Drive, store all my analysis in Google Sheets and create all my documents in Google Docs. The only Microsoft product I can’t give up (yet) is the desktop version of Outlook.

Small business owners who wear a number of different hats every day need products like G Suite to make their lives much less stressful. If you have not already switched to the Google suite of products, it might behoove you to consider these 22 reasons I chose to do so:

1. The price

As a small business owner, you’re faced with a host of things that pull at your income. Google isn’t one of them because their other apps are free!

2. You can add many things to Google programs to make it a one-stop solution for your business’s needs.

Depending on the browser you are using, Google programs offers users many helpful add-on features. For example, with Google Chrome, you can access such handy extensions as Snippy, which enables you to take snippets right from the web, preserve their formatting, and save them for future reference.

3. Auto save and reduce your stress

As we all know, technology can be a bit temperamental at times. Google reduces your online stress level because the auto save feature is built right into the program.

4. Say goodbye to the hassles of Dropbox

Google programs are far less complicated to use and enables you to access your files much faster than other file sharing programs such as Dropbox.

5. Accessibility for others

Whenever you need to collaborate with a team or work closely with your clients on a project, you can set access to specific files so that everyone involved can see the document in real-time, including all changes.

6. The ability to leverage a host of other Google tools

Far from being the only useful Google app available to you as a small business owner, Docs is just one of Google’s popular choices. Others include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and the G Suite.

7. Mobile accessibility while you are away from your computer

If you frequently work away from your office, you need not worry about being “out of pocket.” All of your documents and other files are readily accessible anywhere via Google Drive.

8. It’s not just about documents

In addition to text, you can easily add spreadsheets, images – and even drawings – to your presentations, making it simple to illustrate your point or keep track of your business.

9. Quickly add documents to your website and other online locations.

10. Email one document to several people at once – without leaving Docs.

11. Choose how you download the document

Depending on your needs (or those of your recipients), you can use Word’s .doc format, PDF, or any of a number of other formats to download a file.

12. Make sure that editing is the way you want

When you work with others, editing a document can be tricky. That’s why it can be extremely helpful to track each contributor’s edits or ask a specific person to finish a thought using the tools and comments box.

13. Keep up with the edits done on a document

14. Edit in a distraction free zone

If you are easily distracted, you may choose to turn off some features and focus more on a specific project and less on the app’s tools.

15. Add a spark with famous quotes

You can effectively capture your clients’ – and potential clients’ – attention is by inserting a famous quote that fits your business or products.

16. Choose the language you need for any project

The program’s ability to work in a variety of languages can be a very useful tool if you are working with an international clientele.

17. Adjust your font for each client or to draw new eyes to your products.

18. Go offline and continue to work on your project.

Power outages that interrupt internet access while you’re working on an important deliverable are the worst. Offline capability allows you to avoid that frustration and finish your work.

19. Google Docs works with any type of computer or mobile device.

20. Color code for organization

21. Stay on the cutting edge of available tools

Google is always updating their apps. Using Docs keeps you on the cutting edge of tools available for your business.

22. Work with multiple currencies in the same spreadsheet.

The ability to readily include different forms of payment is an important feature that effectively erases borders, making your work less complicated when you are tracking orders or payroll.

Organization is essential if you intend to keep your small business successful. By adding the power of Google to your toolbox, you can significantly reduce your stress level and focus more time on your craft.